Ordinance Codification

We review, edit, and consolidate your city’s legislation and organize it into a user-friendly code of ordinances. We codify ordinances into new codes, update existing codes, and perform editorial and legal reviews.  We analyze, dissect, and question every word in your code. We correct inconsistencies, duplications, and conflicts with state law.

Online Services

You will have 24/7 online access to your codes on your computer, tablet or other mobile devices. Researching your code anywhere, anytime has never been easier. It is especially helpful to code enforcement officers in the field to have the most current codes at their fingertips.

Code Supplementation

Once adopted, maintenance and regular supplementation is crucial. Franklin Legal provides professional supplementation services with a rapid turn-around. We also provide supplementation services for codes originally prepared by other publishers at the same or lower cost, effectively integrating your legislative changes into the proper places in the code text.

Laserfiche Document Management

We're proud to be a certified reseller for Laserfiche , the world's leading enterprise content management system.  We pride ourselves on service, not just the sale.  Let us show you how we can implement everything from a simple scan/archive/search system for a user or two, to a full organization-wide system utilizing forms and workflows.